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ADR & Mediation Services in Vietnam

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A lack of awareness about the benefits of mediation leads to huge amounts of money being spent by businesses on court proceedings.” “But it is not just about financial and time costs; it’s also about relationship costs. Lengthy legal proceedings mean hundreds of thousands of broken commercial relationships,” said Arnaldo Abruzzini, Secretary General of Eurochambers.

The advantages of alternative dispute resolution processes such as commercial mediation, conciliation, and arbitration over litigation are numerous.  Disputing parties can expect to benefit from less costly and much faster process, with commercial proceedings seldom taking longer than a week, the ability to maintain amicable relationships with one another (and save face), and full confidentiality in the process. The legislative basis for mediation is noted to improve and countries, such as Vietnam, have pursued mediation reforms as a response to contemporary demands.

At ANT Lawyers we have a team of qualified mediators and arbitrators who have years of experience working with difficult situations and who will guide you through the process to reach a settlement that works for you both, financially and commercially.
Our mediators are accredited by leading organisations from Canada and USA.

ANT Lawyers ADR & Mediation Services offer mediation and conflict resolution services to assist businesses, employers, groups, organizations in resolving disputes, differences and conflict, and promote the use of ADR and Mediation through training services.
ANT Lawyers is supported by a team of experienced mediator, attorneys with qualification and skills handling full range of legal services relating to ADR & Mediation in Vietnam.
Let ANT Lawyers help your business in Vietnam.

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From what age a minor can apply for patent under US law?

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In the United States, each named inventor must execute an oath (declaration) as required by 37 Code Federal Regulations 1.63(a)(1):

(a) The inventor, or each individual who is a joint inventor of a claimed invention, in an application for patent must execute an oath or declaration directed to the application, ….
There is no minimum age for a person to sign the oath or declaration, so long as they are competent to understand what they are signing, including the claims (gasp!) and be able to appreciate the duty of disclosure to the U.S. Patent Office all information known to be material to patentability. See e.g., 37 CFR 1.63(c):

(c) A person may not execute an oath or declaration for an application unless that person has reviewed and understands the contents of the application, including the claims, and is aware of the duty to disclose to the Office all information known to the person to be material to patentability as defined in § 1.56. There is no minimum age for a person to be qualified to execute an oath or declaration, but the person must be competent to execute, i.e., understand, the document that the person is executing.
I hope this addresses your question adequately.

Best wishes for success with your invention!

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Is intellectual property dead?

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Intellectual property is far from dead. Trademarks are worth billions of dollars and copyright is at the root of the entertainment industry around the world. The example you cite probably refers to patents.

Patents are valuable for enhancing profit if you have a success in the marketplace. Patents will not make your product succeed with consumers. But if you have a success and have an effective Patent, then you can continue to charge higher than normal prices. This will give your business greater value if you wish to sell - out.

Unfortunately, although investors often insist that you have patents or pending patent applications, for the greater part these prospective patent rights will not have a meaningful impact on competitors in the marketplace. Perfectly valid patents issue that have “loopholes”. Of course if they cover irrelevant features then competitors will not be bothered by them. They will just omit marketing competing products that include the irrelevant feature.

Accordingly, Intellectual Property is not dead. But whether it is relevant is highly conditional, particularly in the case of patents.
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Hau Giang Reduces 50% Investment Licensing Time

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Hau Giang province affirmed to speed up administrative procedures reformation, reducing 50% of the time for granting investment licenses and business registration, creating favorable conditions for investors when they set up business.
In which, Hau Giang province is calling for investment in 7 key projects, including industrial zone infrastructure development, hi-tech agriculture and ecotourism… with a total investment of nearly 300 million USD.
According to the vice chairman of Hau Giang People’s Committee, besides the policies in accordance with general regulations, localities also have their own incentive mechanisms for investors such as tax incentives, land rent exemption and reduction, investment support for manufacturing, preservation and processing facilities…, especially projects for sustainable development of agriculture and high technology application…
Furthermore, Department of Planning and Investment of Hau Giang province affirmed that the local authorities will shorten the maximum time for carrying out procedures, creating favorable conditions for enterprises and investors. Specifically, the business registration procedure is 3 days according to the law, but the locality can complete in 1.5 days. Regarding the investment policy, the law regulates 32 days but it is shortened to 15 days by the locality; time to receive and appraise for issuing investment certificate is only 3 days; discounted 2 days as prescribed.
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How can I obtain a patent which is universal all over the world?

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First off, let me be a little picky about your terms. You want to know about a patent that is worldwide, not universal. There are no patents on Jupiter.

There also is not a worldwide patent right. Each country (or the few groups of countries who form these groups for patent purposes) has its own patents that grant patent rights in those countries. Even if you filed an application and obtained a patent in every country that has patents, you still wouldn’t have worldwide coverage because there are some countries without a patent system.

It is not likely that you need patent rights in every country anyway, so it all works out.

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How to Obtain Business Registration Certificate in Vietnam?

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How to establish a joint stock company or limited liability?
Every organization and individual wishing to set up a foreign owned company in Vietnam shall need to meet some specifics conditions as promulgated under the Law on Investment and Law on Enterprise.  In specific areas being considered as conditional investment, the investor shall also need to consult with the law governing the area of investment. Once the investment registration certificate is completed, the investor has the obligation to apply for enterprise registration.
The procedure to register for a certificate of enterprise registration of a joint stock company or limited liability with two or more members are herein mentioned:
i) Application form for enterprise registration
ii) The company’s charter.
iii) A list of founding shareholders and shareholders being foreign investors/ a list of capital contribution members.
iv) Valid copies of:
Copies of the ID card or other ID papers of founding shareholders and foreign investors/members being individuals; list of authorized representatives of foreign shareholders being organizations.
Decision on establishment, certificate of business registration, or an equivalent document of the organization and the letter of authorization; the ID card or other ID papers of the authorized representatives of founding shareholders and foreign investors being organizations.
If shareholders are foreign organizations, the copy of the certificate of business registration or an equivalent document must be notarized, legalized and authenticated.
The Certificate of Investment registration of the foreign investors as prescribed by the Law on Investment.
State Authority: Business registration office of the province where the enterprise’s headquarters is situated.
Period: within 03 working days from the full receipt of the dossiers
Result: Business registration office shall issue the certificate of enterprise registration or if the application is not satisfactory, business registration office shall inform the applicant of necessary revisions and supplementation to company.

In general, Vietnam government encourages foreign direct investment.  If the investor faces challenges at state authority, whom do not issue notification or request of supplementation to the application for enterprise registration, the investor cold lodge a complaint as prescribed by regulations of law on complaints and denunciation to the state authority to protect its right in doing business andinvestment in Vietnam. A law firm in Vietnam with expertise in both business registration and dispute resolution could assist the investor in the process.
The enterprise is entitled to do business from the issuance date of the certificate of enterprise registration. For conditional business lines, enterprises are entitled to engage in conditional business lines if they satisfy all conditions and are capable to maintain fulfillment of such conditions throughout their operation

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Are there any differences in filing a Trademark application in Vietnam as compared to your home country?

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The legal protection of Trademark is based on the principle of territoriality. That means each nation is free to regulate the use of intellectual property on its own territory. For instance, it can only grant protection titles to the domestic brands while denying foreigners. In order to overcome such problems, nations around the world have been reaching and signed a number of international treaties which was built on the principle of territoriality. There was a remarkable achievement that nations established certain rules that all member States must respect. Member States shall protect trademarks of companies of other member States as if they were his own citizen (so called principle of national treatment). In other words, assuming that Vietnam and France are member States, Vietnam is bound to treat French enterprises the same rules that it applies to Vietnamese firms. As a consequence, there are not any differences in principle when filing a Trade mark application in Vietnam as compared other State members. However, practically, for filing a Trade mark application in Vietnam, there might some additional requirements or language of necessary documents as following:

1.Right to register marks: According to Article 89 Law on intellectual, foreign individuals not permanently residing in Vietnam and foreign organizations and individuals without production or business establishments in Vietnam could not file applications for Trademark registration by themselves but through their lawful representatives in Vietnam by POA (Power of Attorney).

2.Solving the language barrier: Foreign individuals permanently residing in Vietnam and foreign organizations and individuals whose production or business establishments are in Vietnam could file applications for Trademark by themselves. However, the language barrier might be the problem because Applicants shall fill a standard form in Vietnamese and submit this form to the NOIP accompanies by documents evidencing the registration right, the priority right or other documents supporting the application. All these documents could be made in another language but shall be translated into Vietnamese at the request of the State administrative body for industrial property rights
To be accepted, the sample of the Trademark must be clearly described by words in order to clarify elements of the mark and the comprehensive meaning of the mark, if any; where the mark consists of words or phrases in a foreign language, such words or phrases must be translated into Vietnamese.
3.Time for request your priority claim: Priority claim shall not be automatically recognized in Vietnam, therefore the claim for the priority right must be clearly stated in the application accompanied by a copy of the first application certified by the first IP office.

4.Applying “First to use” or “first to file” principle: In Vietnam, “first to file” principle is applied, that is far cry from so-called “first to use” countries. The “first to file” principle means rights in a trademark generally are acquired only through registration therefore a trademark owner can apply to Trademarkregistration without having used it anywhere and at any time. Kindly be advised that if you come from the United States, the Philippines, Australia, and New Zealand where trademark rights are generally acquired through use.

All in all, these treaties built up a harmonized system that benefits the international firms to protect their Trademark outside of the home nation. The local qualified Intellectual property Agent might support the international firms in overcoming the barrier of language and these additional requirements.

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